EMILcouture presented present two looks at Metropolitan Fashion Week inspired by Greek Mythology: 
An interpretation of Athena, goddess of war and Artemis, goddess of the hunt.
Models: Sarah Deanna, Mercy Odima

In collaboration with the California Science Center EMILcouture was invited to present a "masterpiece" inspired by the "King Tut - Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh" exhibit.

The presentation was honored with a "Certificate of Recognition" signed by Major Eric Garcetti from the City of Los Angeles for "outstanding work within the fashion industry".

In a collaboration with the Getty Museum Emilcouture was asked to present "masterpieces" inspired by the venue or a piece of art from the exhibit.

EMILcouture "Fusion of an old masters genius with contemporary architecture" - Van Gogh´s irises and the Getty

EMILcouture "Marriage of Getty architecture and Californian light"